Sunday, September 03, 2017


August is over. I spent again a lot of time drawing faces.

One little square quilt is finished. I'll call it "Incertitude 2".
Fabrics for the next one are ready on my design wall.
And next week, I'll start stitching down all these hanging sleeves.

Monday, July 31, 2017


It was a nice month. Not as warm as June, but this is fine with me.
My sewing machine is doing much better. I cleaned it, then put a new needle of course, and it seems much happier.
Maybe it was just a little tired, like me.
And I made a tiny quilt. It's about 8" by 8" (20cm by 20 cm). I'm adding the binding today.
I'll take a picture tomorrow when it's finished.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Gallery updated

I have just updated my gallery page.
I took a nice little trip to the seaside a few days ago.
The weather was not as warm as last month, but really, it was nice and mostly sunny. And the beach looked pretty empty!
And now I feel almost ready to start working on a new series of quilts. I've sorted all those printed faces and eyes. Let's see if I can do something new with them.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nuages 2

Here's my second Nuages quilt.
It's name is "Eclaircie".
Here are two details.

My sewing machine is having some trouble with quilting again. I begin to wonder if my walking foot isn't worn out, because the machine works perfectly with regular stitching.
I might need to bring it to the doctor again.

It's been really hot here recently. Too hot for sewing, even too hot for drawing, except in the (very) early morning.
Tomorrow should be cooler fortunately.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Nuages 1

My new quilt is finished, I think.
I'm not sure it needs another layer of clouds finally.
I will let it live on the wall while I'm working on the second quilt, and we'll see how they both talk to each other.
Here's a detail...
And another one...
It's title might me "Incertitude", although I'm not sure of it (Ha, ha!)

I also did some fabric printing with a new thermal screen. I'm enjoying using my drawings for making screens.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


The weather has not been that nice all the time. Actually, we even had a little snow two days ago!

I received my copies of the new Twelve by Twelve book yesterday. It's a small catalogue style book that we published mainly for ourselves as a souvenir of our Colorplay collection.
Look here, and here, and also here for more information and pictures.

My first "Nuages" quilt is almost finished.  But now I think I have to add another layer of clouds to it.
And, btw, here are some more lovely clouds above the North Sea...

It looks like I had some pictures ready for another blog post in March, and that I forgot to post them...
So, here they are...
 More drawing, some paper mono printing, and beautiful spring flowers...

Friday, March 10, 2017


I dyed a few pieces of fabric yesterday.
Some grey, and some black-blue-yellow. The paler greys could be skies.
I also threw in the dye-pot  a couple of small pieces on which I had played with sumi ink a long time ago. I suspect the fabric was not 100% cotton, because the dye didn't take as it should have.  I think I might cut them up and maybe embroider them. Or they might go on the ugly fabric pile! We'll see.
GD has been working again on her quilt, cutting fabric for flowers and a bird. I'm doing the fusing. Next session will be stitching.
The weather is much better today. Still a bit cool, but sunny.
I'm still drawing everyday, but that will be for another post.